Oracle Management Cloud Cuts Support Escalations by 90%

Optima Gaming uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict issues with its applications, slashing support issues and gaining a 40% reduction in delivery times.

Organizes and Streamline Estimating and Budgeting Process

  • Budgeting process becomes more efficient and predictable.
  • Time required to produces estimates is reduced.
  • Able to analyze many more what-if scenarios.
  • Validate third party estimates or contractors proposals.

Cost Data can be Uploaded into Caproso

  • Estimates are based on your historical data.
  • Administrator can easy change costs as market conditions change.
  • Customize the data structure so it is intuitive for your users.
  • Eliminate expensive data licensing fees.

Users can Create their own Data Items

  • Cost items can be added for all to access.
  • Database grows and becomes more valuable with use.

Custom Cost Breakdown

  • Allows work breakdown cost rollups.
  • Fully customizable to users needs.
  • Cost automatically summarized on cover sheet.

Project Markups are fully customizable

  • Create a budget including all hard, soft and contingencies.
  • Items can match your organizations budget requirements
  • Include compounded escalation as required

Upload Reference Documents

  • Reports and drawings to be attached to the estimate.

Version Control

  • Can be achieved by saving to PDF.
  • Copying and locking of estimates prevents alteration.

Create Workgroups

  • Allows collaboration on estimates within workgroups.

Multi Tier Access Privileges

  • Administrator.
  • User.
  • Read Only User.

Create Multiple Cost databases

  • Create a unique data cost base for different clients, or locations.
  • Each data base has a unique set of users.